Konica Big Mini

The Konica Big Mini, a 35mm point and shoot, has a cult following in Japan but in the UK it is not as well known as something like the Yaschica t5, Ricoh GR1 or the Contax G2.  Admittedly, the t5 has its Terry Richardson association, the Ricoh has Daido Moriyama but the Konica Big Mini has its fans too – Araki, Hiromix, Robert Frank.  It’s not in the same class as the Ricoh or the Contax but also it doesn’t have the same price tag.

I recently purchased 2 big minis of ebay.  One of the reasons was because I got badly burnt on Ricoh Gr1 purchase.  1 roll of film and the thing conked out with the dreaded shutter box issue.  Luckily I found somewhere which would fix it, however at nearly 200 quid  it seemed like throwing good money away.  Instead I bought 2 Konica Big Mini’s for under fifty quid.  Bargain.  They’re not as good as the Ricoh but the lens is decent, especially for the price, and as a walk around camera, it’s great.







2 x Konica Mini's - BM201




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