Brooklyn Industries: a stylish alternative camera bag

For some reason I feel compelled to carry half my life around with me in a bag when I go to work.  I normally have a reading book, notepad, pens and pencils, food for the day, a camera and various other whimsies.  The camera’s a recent addition, an olympus e-p2, and after bashing it a few times I thought I might need some protection for it.  I looked at Domke, Billingham and also Ona bags.  All fantastic, but either too expensive or not ideal for everyday use.

Instead, I bought a camera insert bag and put it inside a normal bag.  The insert I wanted was by Ona but they’re not that easy to get in the UK.  I ended up with a cheap one off eBay.  It’s big enough for a rangefinder style camera and a couple of small lenses, which for me, is more than enough.  You also get a few velcro dividers to split it up how you like.  For the bag, I first started using my old Manhattan courier but recently dragged myself into the modern day with a Brooklyn Industries waxed messenger bag.  That’s the beauty of the insert, you can just switch it around.






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