Style Icon – Woody Allen

For a long time I’ve admired the Ivy league gone wrong style of Woody Allen.  The heavy rimmed glasses, sports jackets, occasional plaid and then the crazy thatch of hair.  His hair has always seemed a bit wild, especially in his younger days, where it was longer, more in keeping with the time.  It has calmed in later years but the glasses still remain.  For a style icon or a leading man in Hollywood, Allen is not a traditionally good looking man.  He also couldn’t care less about being a style icon although one suspects he would never be seen wearing track pants in public.  This is to some extent to explain his allure.  He’s an anti-fashion.

His prime period is Annie Hall.

Tweed, plaid, books and Diane Keaton.

Velvet Jacket and plaid shirt

Before all the scandals, Allen was considered intelligent, humorous, and a great filmmaker.  With Midnight in Paris, he seems to have undergone some form of rehabilitation in the US.  It’s a relief, because he’s done a number of films that are classics in the European tradition of filmmaking but still thoroughly American.  Eric Rohmer meets Saul Below, and he also wears a mean sports jacket and a great pair of glasses.


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