The brooklyn, by ONA a stylish satchel camera bag

My camera travels with me every day.  Currently it just gets dumped in my satchel inside a wooly hat for protection, normally jostling for space with a book and some other bits and pieces I can’t be bothered to clear out.  It kind of works.  My proper camera bag sits at home, doesn’t have inserts in it so everything’s wrapped in bubble wrap.  I’m just clearly not that organised.  Most camera bags look terrible so my desire to upgrade is minimal.  However, The Brooklyn, by ONA, buck the trend and look amazing.  Only these and Domke bags have remotely piqued my interest in a better camera bag.  Sadly, the chances of getting one in the UK seem slim as there’s no current distributor.  Oh well, perhaps I should just mod my current satchel.

inside the bag


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