In search of Men’s Harris Tweed jackets

For the last ten or so years I’ve been searching for the perfect tweed jacket.  It’s been a casual search.  If I go into a charity shop I’ll check out the jackets.  Shopping for a great tweed is a tricky task on a budget.  Lots of jackets make you look like a dodgy indie kid or a farmer in an oversized jacket.  To find a great contemporary looking jacket is really quite difficult.  In my time I’ve found a number of almost perfect tweeds: great condition, nice colours.  I check them out and It all looks promising until I put them on.  Swamped.  I’ve come to the conclusion that only giants seem to donate their tweed jackets to charity shops.  Recently, after my old jacket got attacked by moths, I’ve started extending my search to new areas.  I’ve been on the bay, checked out some of the high street stores in London.  No luck.  Before christmas I was in Liberty’s and happened upon a Marc Jacobs tweed.  At 400 pounds, it has a price tag not to be sniffed at, but I tried it on anyway and it fitted beautifully.  If I had a spare 400 quid then I would have bought it but sadly, I didn’t.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever have 400 quid to spend on a jacket.

Marc Jacobs Tweed

Image: Mr Porter

After christmas, looking on Mr Porter I found another lovely looking tweed by the French company APC and it was in the sale.  I was excited.  Two buttons and nice tweed pattern.  It wasn’t a vintage YSL tweed, that is my ideal jacket, but it was a contemporary cut and did look good.  I thought this could be it until I clicked on the sizes available: large and extra-large.  Never a small always large and I was, once again, thwarted by size.

APC Mens Tweed

Image: Mr Porter

Searching the site I also found the Marc Jacobs jacket at a fraction of the cost though it was annoyingly already sold out.  Two jackets had slipped through my fingers.  If I wanted to go out and spend a load of money on a jacket then it would be easy to find a lovely tweed but part of me thinks that would spoil the fun.  If you go into the men’s section in Liberty’s it’s difficult to buy bad clothes as they’re all lovely.  Where’s the challenge in that?  The inner urban hunter gatherer in me would never let it happen.  So with that consideration the search goes on…


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