Art Garfunkel style icon

Watching a program about Simon & Garfunkel last night it struck me what an all round dude Art, or Artie as everyone else seems to call him, Garfunkel is.  He has a list of every book he’s read since 1968 on his website, he’s appeared in a Nic Roeg film, walked across Japan and he was a snappy dresser.  A deadly combination.    When I say snappy dresser, I mean in the 60s.  The later years seem a bit more rogue.

He strikes me as a man who is not to everyones tastes.  He’s serious in tone but has hair like sideshow Bob.  Bright Eyes is a remembrance of youthful innocence savagely destroyed in one movie for many of us.  Up until last night, I always thought Artie only wore waistcoats and white shirts, but apparently not – especially in younger years.

Tie, tank top, hair – looking good/

photograph: song people

Wool Tie, blazer, and some pretty nice looking pants,

Photo: Joe Lyon


Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer look


I shall be continuing my mens style icon selections through out the year.


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