SQ30m – the world’s smallest camera

I recently bought a Japanese keyring camera called the sq30m.  It’s tiny.  A sort of modern age digital lomo camera, it doesn’t have have a screen or a viewfinder and only has two buttons and a switch.  It takes square photos and shoots video in the style of an 8mm camera.  It has 4 shooting modes: normal, b&w, noise and a vintage look, which you can film with too.  There’s also two lenses, macro and landscape,  which to change between you just flick a switch.

It’s a bit hit and miss what you get out of it but the fact you can only tell when you plug it into the computer reminds me of using film cameras.  You never quite know, or at least I don’t, what you’re going to end up with.

Here’s a few sample shots and a video from the last week or two.  Be prepared for some blossom.

Lines and shoes

Lots of blossom

Dying Flowers

Ive no idea what this is but I quite like it


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