Twilight, Eclipse – Not a love story, a tragedy.

Last week I had the dubious pleasure of watching the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse.  I was dragged, honest, by my girlfriend.  Now, let’s get the first question out the way – I am definitely more inclined to the wolves but we’ll get to the root of it a bit later.  If you’ve not seen the latest film and don’t want it spoiled then don’t read anymore.

The one interesting thing about the series is how open it is to multiple interpretations.  It has such strong overtones of the writer’s Mormon roots but then these get mixed up with the forbidden nature of young love.  Think of all the sixties girl groups whose songs represented the inner turmoil of teenage lust.  Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love, by the Ronnettes is a fine example.  Basically children on the cusp of adulthood restricted by traditional values of their parents.  The Twilight Vampire, Edward, on the face of it, should be a straight rebel.  Like a Vampire member of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  Sadly he’s not.  By the third film you just think he’s the wettest man on the planet and needs to get out there, drink some blood and grow himself a pair.  The girl’s climbing all over him virtually naked, begging him to make love to her.  His response is, we’ve got to get married first.  Really?  Is it the Nineteen fifties all over again?  Broken marriages, casual alcoholism and shiny kitchen utensils.  Obviously, Edward is an old-fashioned gentleman,  who’s in fact older than her Grandad, so it’s OK, it’s not because he’s a Mormon and he’s not allowed to have sex before marriage, honest.  You’re a vampire, Edward, and by the way, I don’t thing the church is too big on Satan lovers.

I haven’t read all the books but the way it’s going, it seems to me this series is not a great love story but a modern day tragedy.  As in the film, the speech about teenage years being about making mistakes is one that holds true.  Young people make mistakes because they’re idiots and that’s OK, yet the film wills her on to a mistake that would leave her in purgatory, as a teenager, just because Edward won’t have sex with her.  I don’t hold out much hope for the werewolf chap either.  He’s going to end up on the front cover of Gay Times within two years of marriage to Bella, but surely that’s got to be better than listening to Vampires going on about God all the time, hasn’t it?

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