Crystal Palace Dinosaur park

With the East London like linking Dalston to Crystal Palace, it felt like the perfect time to make a trip to the world famous dinosaur park in Crystal Palace.

The new station has an amazing view.

Who would have thought that a dinosaur park existed in London, especially one that has little relevance to what we now know of dinosaurs.  But this fascinating relic, is still around and well worth a trip down to see it.  It would be better in the snow, I think, but this is a landmark I’ve wanted to visit for years, so I’m pleased to have done it.

These are like characters from a cartoon with the crosses on their eyes.
Looks like a lizard to me.
Hmmm, Dinosaur, really?  Looks like a stag to me.
My favourite named dino was the megalosaurus.  They should also have an Awesomosaurus, but they didn’t, sadly.
Some trees as you would expect in a park.
Dinosaur head with teapot explodes.  Park done, it was then in to Crystal Palace, and to the pub.  There’s not much there and it feels a little different to North East London.  A little slower in pace.
And finally, a concrete structure.
And that is Crystal Palace.

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