What’s the point in a washing bowl?

Washing bowls, that’s what I’m talking about – what is the point of them?  Surely, it’s the sink’s job to hold water?  I don’t see why the sink needs a friend to help it out with it’s job when no other inanimate object has this luxury.  A cup doesn’t have another cup so it can go in the cup because it’s lonely.  Or you don’t have a plate on top of a plate.  If someone asks, “why have you given me two plates?”  You can’t realistically answer, “the other plates keeping the first one company.  Moral support you know.”   People will think you insane.

Professor Hugh Pennington, from the University of Aberdeen, agrees with me, he said: “I would like to get rid of washing-up bowls altogether. They are an absolute menace.”

I agree.  They’re a menace, an absolute menace.


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