The 3 day working week company: a new business model

Photograph: We Heart it

The world of work has always, even in my younger years, been a slightly distressing place to be feared and despised.  The main issue is that I’m a born potterer.  What takes other, go getting blackberry tapping types, an hour to achieve will take me at least double, perhaps even triple the time.

First I’ve got to psyche myself up to the task.  This can be anything from reading the newspaper to drinking coffee to reading blogs, if I’m on the computer, or taking a bath and reading if it’s work of any physical nature.  One hour down and I’m already behind.  But when I think all is lost and there’s no wat I’m even going to start, I redeem myself, and confront the task straight on.  Once I’ve bear hugged the task, it’s normally a dance of 10 minutes work, 10 minutes rest, until it’s finished.

Shopping for food can hardly be considered work but it highlights my issue nicely.  I have to walk around a supermarket about four times before I’ve decided what i want.  Have you ever walked around one of them places that many times?  They are not designed for relaxation, for perusing.  They’re designed to make you buy stuff.  This is my working life as a metaphor.  One endless, aimless trip around a supermarket and it’s not even waitrose.  It’s Kwik Save.

Before anyone thinks, what you need is some productivity methodology.  For anyone organised, these tools are just common sense to most people.  Now I’m not against productivity, I’ve tried the tomato method where you do 25mins work then rest, and I’ve tried getting things done (GTD).  The tomato works for the first attempt but then I realised it was just tricking me into working so am now able to happily ignore it.  GTD requires you to have a University Degree in organisation and management, which, ironically, for a system aimed at poorly managed and unmotivated people, seems like a little bit of a flaw.  So it’s not that I’m against them, it’s just that I’m incapable of using them.

I think the root of my issue is, that there’s breakfasts to be savoured, thoughts to be thought, books to be read and time to be wasted before I can even contemplate putting pen to paper.  But not all is lost.   The other morning whilst in the bath, I hit upon the idea that would save me.  I would start my own business and it would be called the three day week.  The founding principle being we only work three days.  Nothing else.  All these other companies that claim to be hip and cool and friendly wouldn’t stand a chance against us.  Proof in actions.  Greener, leaner with a happier staff.  In a world where there’s not enough jobs lets just kick back and relax for a few extra days a week.

The three day week company has no set product to sell, no service to offer, at the moment.  We’re a completely new kind of company.  The three day week, is open for business.  If you have any work for us, we’ll do anything – and we will be more than happy to help from Tuesday to Thursday.


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