Epping forest = picnic delight

Went to Epping Forrest yesterday for a picnic and a general wander about.  it’s only 25 minutes from London but the difference is incredible.  It’s proper countryside, with animals, trees and stuff like that.  The other benefit of Epping forest, besides the chance of seeing little animal creatures, is that there’s hardly anybody else there.  It’s bliss.  Other people are hell, except my picnic companions, of course.  Part of the reason for the picnic was, teapot explodes bought a hamper with birds on it the other day.

Compared to Hampstead Heath, Epping is dead beside the odd cyclist who all seemed to be kited out, rather ridiculously in my opinion, in crash helmets, leg pads and Lycra garments.

There was also a few people on horses.  I sneaked this photo.

Espresso martinis are like alcoholic chocolate milk.  So good.

Epping was also quite a good place to take some photos.  I managed to get this bunny in shot.

Electric fence – useful for keeping others away from your picnic area.

A random bush.

One of  my favourite parts of the whole day was the cake shop in Chingford.  The naked people on a boat cake was one of my particular faves.

We also saw a unicorn whilst on our picnic.  It’s not everyday you can say that.  Unicorns are cool.


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