The Art Car Boot Fair, 2010, Brick Lane

The art car boot fair in East London is a pretty great affair.  I’ve been to four now and always end up spending far more than I set out to.  But there’s so many bargains to be had that I never regret it.  So on Sunday I was in two minds whether to go as I’d thought it was the weekend before and had a tight day already planned.  I was near by and thought, what the hell, took out some money and went to see what I could find.  All the regulars were there: Bob & Roberta Smith, Peter Blake and Gavin Turk all selling their wares.

Despite having been loads of times I’ve never bought a Peter Blake print.  The queues always massive and i just think sod it.  I only got there an hour after opening and his print had already sold out.  But still, you get to see the great man and he’ll sign stuff if you ask.

Another favourite is Bob and Roberta Smith’s who’s signs are always great.


other stuff

Bird houses, hell yeah

I bought one of these Peter Blake cupcakes as a present.

Finally, Gavin Turk’s double-sided print.  Edition of 100.  I couldn’t resist, had to buy one.  GO on one side and STOP on the other.  I don’t own any Gavin Turk so to avoid the disappointment of not getting a Blake I bought this instead –

My favourite sign of the day.

Yeah, they had wrestling, too.


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