Twin Peaks – A fashion dynasty

Twin Peaks, when first premiered on US TV in 1990, was an instant phenomenon, gripping the popular consciousness and imbedding itself into the zeitgeist.  For a show as startlingly difficult, intelligent and original as Twin Peaks, it’s a surprise it gained such a following on mainstream TV.  Thankfully, it did.  One part of Twin Peaks that catches the eye but is rarely written about is the fashion on display.  Key characters parade like they’ve just stepped out of the sartorialist blog.

Here’s some key figures and trends.

Benjamin Horne:

Head of the Horne Family, resident eighties business man and owner of the Great Northern Hotel, Benjamin Horne, is also an exceptionally snappy dresser with a Shakespearean turn of phrase.  When exercising he wears suits of shell.  Day in the office, it’s a snappy eighties suit with a polka dot tie.  Glasses?  Nicely oversize semi-circular frames.

Ben Horne wears executive shell suit

Benjamin Horne - shell Suit

More traditional attire

Audrey Horne

Rebellion is always sweet but much sweeter when you have a rich father who doesn’t love you to rebel against.  All Audrey wants is some action in a boring town.  She’s perhaps the most popular character shown by the vast number of pages dedicated to her on the internet.  Girls have girl crushes, men have man crushes, even animals have animal crushes, and who can blame them, just look at Audrey’s dance to see what all the fuss is about.

Audrey – tree motif blouse

Maddy and the Log Lady

Glasses – I mean, look at the glasses.  They’re big and red.  The perfect combination.  Also, note use of log as accessory.  Live in a log cabin?  You could log accessorise.

Log Lady


Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Eccentric dresser alert.  Surely being cool is about being yourself and this is something Lawrence knows all about when it comes to dressing himself.  All the colours of the rainbow adorn him at times.  To clash is not a problem in the slightest.  Embrace colour.  Embrace madness.  In the shot we see a more subtle Dr, but the diamond print tank top, bow tie and print shirt makes sure it’s never, ever boring.

Sartorialist eat your heart out.