Eric Rohmer’s French modern dance, Les nuits de la pleine lune

Full moon in Paris, by Eric Rohmer, has the best dance/party scene ever set to celluloid. It’s an orgy of weirdness. The party I would most like to attend. Everybody appears sober; there’s little alcohol flowing and nobody’s stumbling around and puking in the flower pots, but the dance scene, well – the Gaelic cool just emanates. Also of note are the geek chic levels at this party for the men and the extremely glamorous women, I mean who wouldn’t want to slap a buss on the robot girl?

At least 25 years ahead of it’s time, only now do you see parties like this in London (except perhaps not such regal surroundings). Not only is it a great party scene, it’s also a wonderful film where characters live in places resembling leisure centres and look effortlessly wonderful while debating the quandaries of modern life. It’s twitter with visuals.

Here’s a rundown:

0.00: We start of with a few gentle robot moves, the guy doesn’t have the moves she does, so he’s big on the finger click. Move them arms and click baby, click.

0.35: The party stud tries muscling in. He’s got bone structure and he’s not afraid to use it; though, he’s also a robot hence the strange stiff movements.

Bit more general dancing and everybody’s having a great time.

1.11: Camera cuts to the drab looking guy, the beautiful robot women’s boyfriend. Don’t look at them, look behind. There’s a prime example of the well known skipping dance. Amazing, I hear you all cry. Far back right corner and they’re doing the ballroom shuffle. We can see the real parties not on the main dance floor but with the renegades on the outskirt. That’s eight whole seconds of pure party madness there that putting the verb back into party.

1.19: Cut back to the hunk who’s trying to put his love inside the beautiful robot women. Big air guitar strum. Rock and Roll man… These two are getting a bit boring but on 1.34, yes, she retrieves it with the weight lifting dance, followed by the foot – wonderful stuff and excellent recovery. She should really get together with skipping guy.

1.47: Back to drab boyfriend. What the hell is the guy doing behind him? He’s dressed for the black tie acid house event which is being housed next door and has accidentally wandered into this party. Drab boyfriend bores another beautiful women while everyone else does the pogo dance. Beckons over another poor women. She blatantly wants to pogo with everyone else, instead she just stands there thinking to herself that this guy’s a suit. Uh oh, he wants to spoil beautiful robot girls fun… curse him.

2.44: BOW TIE. Yes, just behind drab chap while he speaks to his robot girlfriend.

3.14: This is the money shot for the bow tie. This is like the trendiest party in the world, ever.

The pogo dance has spread, bounce, bounce, everyone is into it. Then the stiff boyfriend strolls off saying, “I can’t take this, they’re all too cool, they’re all having too much fun. I just need a goddamn drink. Hmmm, perhaps a nice cool glass of refreshing milk to relax me.” She should be delighted, but no, he’s let her down, he’s let air guitar guy down and worse of all he’s let himself down.

Oh well, times are hard for a lady who just wants to do the robot.